Johanna Värild

Johanna Värild has a degree in computer science from the University of Stockholm. She has 25 years’ of experience in change management, usually in the boundary between business and IT. She has worked in various industries, with consumer-related products and over the years had roles as a business architect, IT architect, enterprise architect and systems manager. The last eight years Johanna has worked as a chief architect, and for the last three at Saab AB.

      Annika Klyver

      Annika has a long experience in business development and business architecture, both as a consultant and educator. She is head teacher and responsible for DFK’s education “Certified -Business Architect.” Annika is also CEO of IRM Consult. In addition, she is president and cofounder of NEA – Nätverket för Enterprise arkitektur (The Network for enterprise architecture), an Swedish online community for everyone interested in enterprise architecture.

        Kristian Karre

        Kristian Karre is a business developer using architecture as the main tool. He is passionate about maximizing operations and individual potential, and likes to work in the area of business, operations and technology. He has a background as an educator, but since the mid-90s, he has been working as a consultant. Today Kristian as a business leader in the consulting company Claremont, and helps customers design activities to move their organization in their strategy’s direction.

            Marino Gulliksson

            Marino Gulliksson is a curious and experienced business architect and process expert with a big appetite for understanding and improving the business architecture ingredients. Marino has a background in banking and as a consultant in a variety of industries, including Pharmacy, Forestry, Retail and Insurance.

                Tommy Eneroth

                With extensive background in business knowledge and IT, Tommy has been working in various roles to achieve harmonization between business processes and supporting IT infrastructures through business modeling and the development of business requirements. He is a qualified leader/manager, project, feasibility study leader and strategic advisor, and likes to be close to the business operations and technology.

                    Stephen Dougall

                    Stephen is an IT architect with 19 years of experience in various sectors. His role
                    is mostly focused on the business and solution parts of IT architecture – in project form or in the line organization. In recent years his work has focused on systems integration and web-based products.