Lars Wiktorin

Lars Wiktorin has 40 years of IT experience in various positions at large and small businesses. He has worked as a consultant, product developer, method developer and university teacher. He is also the author of a number of books and IT reports. Lars has for nine years been in charge of the Computer Society Certified IT Architect Master program.

      Michael Thurell

      Michael Thurell has approximately 25 years of experience in object-oriented system development, modeling, IT architecture and education – primarily in the telecommunication, automation and banking industry. He is also one of the developers of the method EFSOS. Since 2008, he is a teacher and supervisor at the Computer Society training of Certified IT Architects.

          Anders Larsson

          Anders Larsson has been working in the IT industry since 1994 and for more than ten years with IT-architecture related assignments. His focus is on solution architecture and he’s primarily working in turning business requirements into realizable solutions. He’s also working at the intersection of IT-architecture, technical design and software engineering. Anders has served on the board of Iasa Sweden since 2007 and in recent years as a training manager in Sweden.

            Mats Gustafsson

            Mats Gustafsson has since 1985 worked as an IT consultant with system development in several different object oriented programming languages. The last 10 years he has mainly been an IT architect and developer on the Java platform. He has also worked extensively with modeling, method development and training. Mats is the principal and supervisor of the Computer Society training Certified IT Architect Master.

                Mats Andreasen

                Mats Andreasen has worked more than 25 years as a system developer and IT architect, mainly within the telecom industry. He has experience that spans from embedded products to cloud solutions and has also been involved in methodology and process development. Mats is a member of Iasa’s board and currently runs the Gothenburg chapter.