Peer Törngren

Peer Törngren is a software architect and developer with over 35 years in the IT industry. Peer has developed commercial products for the global market since the mid 90s and has experience from most software engineering disciplines, with a particular interest in model engineering and development methodology, and a passion for clean code. Besides business applications, Peer has built a number of development tools and meta models. Peer is currently a software architect, developer and agile coach in the Financial Performance Management segment of the Business Analytics division at IBM.

    Per-Erik Padrón

    Per-Erik Padrón is a certified CITA-P and has worked with IT architecture in various positions since 1996. He has been teaching IT architecture for most of the major training organizations in the industry such as KTH, Addskills, the Computer Society and IBC. Per-Erik has specialized in developing architectural craftsmanship and help organizations with their ability to manage IT architecture. He is on the Iasa Swedish Board and is responsible for the Iasa intellectual capital.

        Jimmy Nilsson

        Jimmy Nilsson has 26 years’ experience as a developer and architect and is a co-founder of the specialist consulting firm factor10. He has worked in many different areas of technology and is interested in different ways of working, such as test-driven development and domain-driven design, with a strong focus on small and value generating codebases. Jimmy has written two international books, has been speaking at the international conferences, for example OOPSLA, GOTO, NDC, Tech-ed, etc and was number one on Computer Sweden’s list of Sweden’s best developers and architects in 2010.

        Marcus Hammarberg

        Marcus Hammarberg.”Make agile work in practice” is my motto. Therefore, I am interested in Lean, Kanban, Specification by Example, TDD, Continuous Delivery, Impact mapping and other things that can help us to get feedback on our work and learn faster to get better. I currently work for the Salvation Army in Indonesia and help their 6 hospitals and 14 clinics to get better.

        Peter Flink

        Peter Flink has an interest in software design, management and modernization of system. He prefers to work with agile methods. As a consultant and employee he has worked with diverse architectural solutions. With questions such as “How to freshen up old code?”, “When is it appropriate?”, “How to introduce tests in old code? “,” What documentation is important to have over time? “

            Mikael Brodd

            Mikael has over 20 years’ experience in systems and IT-architecture. The last 10 years Mikael has helped businesses adopt an agile approach, mainly by coaching teams in agile techniques such as TDD, CI, CD, etc. Mikael is a much sought after teacher in Agile techniques.