Göran Roseen

Göran Roseen has worked with IT-architecture since 2000, in both large and small organizations. After seeing the effects of different architectural choices at a couple of big swedish enterprises, he became passionate about building solutions in large, mixed environments. He also has a strong interest in teaching and sharing knowledge between developers. Today, Göran works as a senior consultant at Acando AB.

    Magnus Nilsson

    Magnus Nilsson is an active CITA-P certified IT architect working out of Malmö with roughly 15 years experience in solution development in different forms. In recent 5 years focusing completely on large-scale public web architectures and cloud services.

      Daniel Mårtensson

      Daniel Mårtensson is an certified IT architect and project manager with many years of experience in the development, operation and maintenance of IT systems. In particular IT infrastructure, quality and security. Daniel is also experienced in the definition and implementation of enterprise architecture capability. More recently, the focus has shifted towards ERP and integration.