Akropolis 029 (640x398)Why did we create this book?

We believe that there is something missing for IT-architects. There is no shortage of books describing different specialisation areas but there is no book that brings together the various architect roles in a modern organization and tells the whole story. Our aim with the IT architecture book is to create such a book.

This book is for those who want a deeper understanding of IT architecture.

It addresses all types of IT architectural issues in an organization – from strategy and business understanding to technology and software. Whether you are an IT architect, developer, project manager, student, manager or just working professionally with IT this is the book for you who want to understand how IT architecture works in a modern company.

The IT architecture book is a unique collaboration, written by a dedicated editor team together with some 30 subject matter experts, IT architects and organizations. It will give you an overview and understanding of modern methods in IT architecture and the various parts, specializations and associated tools.

The book covers areas as:

Enterprise Architecture

  • The EA function
  • Strategies
  • Organization

Business Architetcure

  • Understanding the business
  • How to model the business
  • Practical advice

Solution Architecture

  • Integration
  • Infrastructure
  • Cloud and IT architecture

Software Architecture

  • Quality attributes
  • Agile
  • Frameworks


  • What should an IT architect know?
  • Hard and softrequirements
  • International perspectives

Questions? Please contact: info@thearchitectbook.com