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    On June 18, 2013, we kicked off the work to together create the first comprehensive book on IT architecture. It was over a year ago and today I am pleased to announce that the book is now finished and sent for printing. The past year has been a fantastic fun and educational journey for all involved, editors, writers, proofreading, graphic artists and publishers, and I, along with the editor team, would like to send a big THANK YOU to all of you for the effort invested.

    The journey

    You probably know to the old saying of “too many cooks”, something which made myself quite thoughtful when I realized that the book was going to be the result of nearly 40 peoples work, thoughts and ideas about IT architecture. Would it create more conflict than consensus? But during the past year, I realized pretty soon that such concerns were unfounded, the collaboration better than expected, and the end result is a book that will both bring a lot of buzz in the industry and hopefully add value to practicing and inspiring IT-architects. The aim of the book is to try to collect the existing expert knowledge within various IT architecture areas in one book.

    Now what?

    In late September, the book will be available commercially and a lot will happen during the autumn. One of the near planned events are:

    Gothenburg Book Fair: The book will be launched at the Gothenburg Book Fair (September 25 to 28 2014) which is the largest Nordic event for books, with over 100 000 visitors. The idea is to meet people and discuss how future “textbooks” will look like. How does books, and the Internet community together build knowledge in e.g. the IT profession?

    LAUNCH NIGHT: We will soon come out with an evening when we will launch the book and invite all Swedish IT-architects. Preliminary, this will be in October and the book will be available for purchase there.

    WEB: This is the first blog post on our new website for the book where you can discuss, comment and write articles associated to the book. URL will be:

    AVAILABILITY: Together with the publishing company we will package great deals for you to be able to purchase and distribute the book to customers, companies and universities. The goal is to reach as many architects as possible and create real and positive impact. We will start looking at the possibility of creating an English version in the next year.

    So to all involved – be proud of the effort you made ​​and take the opportunity to celebrate!

    Daniel, Master Editor

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